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I did a "Pinup Arena" interview about my job.
This is an article that was published in that website.…

If you are interested read that^^

Thank you!

'Endurance makes you stronger'.

I wants to become a role model for a friend who aims to effort in the same field as oneself. So, I can't stop drawing.
I'll accomplish my purpose!  Follow me!


Hi! there friends!

I just joined Facebook.…
Please come whenever you like^^


Hello everyone.
How are you? I'm fine!  And sorry I didn't reply sooner.
I'm always encouraged by your message.
Thank you for your continuous support always ;)

May the art be with you...


Hello, all.

I was able to have a satisfying year.
a satisfying work, a new discovery, and wonderful encounter.
Of course, I realized that it's supported by everyone. Thanks always.

I'm forming some plans for the future.
 First, I plan to go to USA in summer. That's inspection tour.
And It's my first visit to the USA. I look forward to that.

I feel very glad to get along with you in this year, let's keep our friendship in the future.
I wish you happy holidays & happy new year!
See you next year!


This is one of my works. "Bäska Snaps 2014 calender".
It is sold at this web site.…

So, please consider buying from web store if possible.


Hello, everyone!

It was visited by approximately 100,000 people!
I'm glad to tell you that it was completed successfully^^
Thank you for supporting me always. I'm so happy!
But this is nothing but a simple check point for me.
My journey will still continue. I want to even harder in the future!

Thank you very much!


This is one of my works. "Bäska Snaps 2014 calender".
It is sold at this web site.…

So, please consider buying from web store if possible.

Hello there!

This is a notification.

I was developed the products with the cooperation of Bittermens(

"Bäska Snaps 2014 calender".
It is sold at this web site.…

So, please consider buying from web store if possible.


Hi, everyone!

I don't have Facebook & Twitter.
Please be careful not to input a wrong access.
There are many people with the same name.

Kit (kit-kit-kit)

Hey, you guys!

I was surprised to see the comment in the morning.
there are many "Congrats on the DD!" I was been elected daily deviations^^
I realizes step of my skill little by little. really.

Thank you for supporting me always.
I'll keep doing my best!


I probably can't go Comicon again this year... It's a fate, too.
But I'm with you for always! ^^
Hi, you guys!
Hot girls series will start again! soon!
Please look forward to it^^
This year, he's come back!
All Together now, Welcome back Kal-El! yay!
May the New Year brings you joy and happiness!
As always, thanks to everyone!
Hi, All!

May peace, joy and happiness be yours this Christmas season ^^

OMG! I screwed up!!

"Come in hear"??
haha, I'm tired...

Please update if you saved^^
Very sorry!!
Hello, everyone!

I modified "I'm Supergirl".
Please update if you saved^^
Continuation is power...

Two year has passed since I started deviant.
Thank you for the lucky chance to meet you.
I'm always enjoying art with you^^

Thank you for everyone!
Live myself to the fullest.
Because I'm an artist.

"May the art be with you!"
I've seen The dark knight rises just now!
(Today is the first day of screening in Japan)

It was absolutely amazing!
Dim with tears at last scene.
I thought again,  he's necessary to eternity for us.

anyway, it was a great time^^
I'm watching Cosmos of Carl Sagan.
And i have been captured in the grand narrative...

We have shared the time moment In the universe.
It's a very very wonderful thing^^

and, this.

"Yesterday is history,
 Tomorrow is mystery, and
 Today is a gift.
 That is why we call it present."

How's wonderful poem.
I think so too.
We'll treasure every moment ^^